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→ This is a collaboration and passion project.

Back in the days we (Alex and I) both studied at the same university. Despite the fact that we work in the same industry and even for same studios we never had the chance to realize a project together. Until now.

The interesting and probably unusual part of this project is how we worked as a team to create six unique sculptures. The basic idea was simple: Create hanging mechanical sculptures. We created different elements and joined them together piece by piece. We asked ourselves how can we connect 3D elements so it doesn't feel alien. At the beginning each of us did a quick 10 minute sketch and gave the draft to the other. By turn, the other added details, then animation, cloth simulation, color, typography and so on. We had to react to each others creations and connect the pieces like a puzzle that grow with every step.

Another major part of this collaboration is the work of our friend and colleague Konstantin (aka cadeu) who is responsible for the sound. The full experience of this project is only enjoyable with the sound - ON! The perfect mix of sound design and sonification (representation of certain physical characteristics of an object through sound) makes the sculptures real and alive. Below you can see the final result. This project is ongoing and this is the first part ot if. The other sculptures are already in the making.
fig.01 ▾
sound & motion ▾


sound & motion ▾


sound & motion ▾

credits ↔

creative direction: vitaly grossmann & alex schlegel
design and animation:  vitaly grossmann & alex schlegel
sound: cadeu