creative direction | design | animation

→ The Microsoft Design team approached us (Vincent Schwenk and me) to create a teaser for the Fluent Design System. It’s one of the major topics at the Microsoft Build 2020 conference.

Fluent UI is kind of a collection of UX frameworks for creating web and mobile apps that share code, design, and interaction behaviour. It’s a new approach to how Microsoft works across disciplines and product teams to deliver more seamless experiences that feel natural on all devices. You can say it’s a new cross-platform library or just simply put, Fluent is about designers and developers working better together to create best-in-class experiences that empower their customers.


credits ↔

client: microsoft / nando costa

creative direction: vitaly grossmann & vincent schwenk
design and animation:  vitaly grossmann & vincent schwenk
typography: sawdust
sound: zelig sound